Mill Creek Sports seeking approval to build a new store on Dumas Road

Aerial view of proposed location of new Mill Creek Sports lot. Photo courtesy of Wetlands Resources, Inc..
Aerial view of proposed location of new Mill Creek Sports lot. Photo courtesy of Wetlands Resources, Inc..

By Richard Van Winkle, News of Mill Creek.

Mill Creek Sports wants to move from their current sports memorabilia retail operation in Maple Leaf Square to a brand new building where they want to consolidate their storefront and on-line retail operations with their warehouse and administrative offices, which are now off-site.

Founded in 1991 in a retail storefront location near QFC on 164th Street SE, Mill Creek Sports doubled their retail space when they moved to their present location in 2010.

Mill Creek Sports is seeking approval from the City of Mill Creek to build a new store at the intersection of Dumas Road and the Bothell-Everett Highway. Their representative, Lance Mueller Architects, submitted a development application to the city on December 22, 2015.

The City of Mill Creek has until the beginning of May to decide whether or not to approve the plan and are accepting public comments until February 3rd.

The Mill Creek Hearing Examiner will probably review Mill Creek Sports’ development application in March. If the hearing examiner approves the plans, it will take at least a year to finalize the design and construct the building.

The plans call for a 10,400 square foot building with 29 parking stalls on the unused lot across from the Shell gas station on Dumas Road. There once was a house on the almost four-acre lot, but all that is left is the foundation.

According to the development application, the new Mill Creek Sports building will be two-stories tall with approximately 2,250 square feet of retail space and approximately 8,150 square feet of warehouse space on the first floor. The second floor will have approximately 2,700 square feet of office space for the owner and employees.

Two driveways will provide access to the new building, one from the west side of Bothell Everett Highway, and the other from the south side of Dumas Road.

Only about 20% of the almost four acre lot is buildable because of the two category III wetlands on the property.

Mill Creek Sports’ development plan calls for a 50% reduction of the normal 100-foot buffer for one of the wetlands, but proposes an increase in the other wetland’s buffer and additional wetland restoration efforts to mitigate the situation.

In a report prepared for Mill Creek Sports, Wetlands Resources Inc. concluded, “The proposed development is not expected to significantly impact the functions and values proved by the on-site wetland… Buffer reduction is limited to those areas that are historically disturbed, while additional buffer created through buffer averaging will protect areas of valuable forested habitat.”

Proposed Mill Creek Sports Building. Image courtesy of  SDA Engineers, Inc..


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