Open Letter to the Mill Creek Community, City Council, and City Staff

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I have had the pleasure and honor to serve as Mill Creek City Manager not once, but twice; with service the first time from 1995 to the start of 2005 and most recently as Interim City Manager over the last eight months. As the Mill Creek City Council  has  moved through the process of  selecting its next City Manager, I have been reflecting on my time here in Mill Creek and want to express my appreciation to the community, the City Council, and the City staff for their support and confidence for my return.

In total, I have served local governments for over 33 years: most years as a City Manager and several as a real estate and community development consultant. Based on my career, I can truly say the experience and opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many is a rewarding experience and one I would not trade.

When I left Mill Creek in early 2005 to serve as the Bothell City Manager, I had no expectation that I would return to the City I loved. In fact, I was living out my passion by helping several communities via my consulting business to improve their economic conditions and create great public spaces that stimulate private sector investment, which together create a special place and experience for those in the community to enjoy.

Although, I was only serving Mill Creek on a part time and interim basis while continuing my consulting business, I have thoroughly enjoyed the last eight months with a renewed appreciation for a place I once called home. I have been reacquainted with the community with so many of you stopping by City Hall to see me to express support and appreciation. Also, over the last eight months, I have been able to work with and get to know the City staff whose talent, commitment, and special efforts have enormously contributed to the success of this community while also reminding me how city service is an honorable and important profession.

Your City Council cares deeply about fulfilling the City’s vision of Mill Creek as a City where everyone works together to foster an exceptional community experience - a place where people are safe, the natural beauty is preserved, neighborhoods flourish, businesses thrive, and recreational opportunities abound.

Your City Council and Staff are working diligently to make sure Mill Creek is and remains a special place for everyone.

As my time is winding down as your Interim City Manager and you prepare to welcome and celebrate the success of your new City Manager, I know that Mill Creek is someplace I can and will always call home.

Thank you, Mill Creek!

Robert S. Stowe 
Interim City Manager
City of Mill Creek

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