Please vote!

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Ballots are due August 4th. Just a few days.

You should also have your voters’ pamphlet. But if needed, here is the Snohomish County link for the electronic version:

There are federal, state, and local offices and/or issues to vote on.

My recommendation for all of us is to try to ignore all the political signs that litter our roadways and keep our eyes on the road.

Ignore the mailers (place them into the recycling bin or birdcage) that are now adding to our regular mail.

Maybe try to ignore the robo text messages that are the new method being used to sway voters to vote a certain way.

I am of course especially interested in the last item on the ballot dealing with our local school district. Please do your best to weigh the pros and cons for that measure. Do your best, as I will, to consider the different candidates (their statements in the voters’ pamphlet and a review of their websites’ info) for the state and federal offices. And then get our ballots mailed or into the drop box.

Thank you.

Jeff Heckathorn
Mill Creek

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