Re-Elect Stephanie Vignal for Mill Creek City Council

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Our City of Mill Creek is a vibrant, engaging community - a destination for dining, shopping, parks, recreation and for putting down permanent roots as a home/condo owner or renter. Our quality of life and inclusive sense of belonging is precious and, like anything of high value, needs vigilant upkeep, care and protection.

Mayor Pro Tem Stephanie Vignal has provided our City much needed and appreciated security and leadership through the Mill Creek City Council, Position 2. Vignal is a consistent, transparent voice for fiscal responsibility, smart community investment and strategic transportation planning - working collaboratively across governmental agencies to advocate for the needs of our community. She has demonstrated a commitment to preserving, improving and expanding our parks and greenspaces, and to supporting our small business community. Increasingly important has been her advocacy and prioritization of our public safety and police department.

Please vote to retain Mayor Pro Tem Vignal, Mill Creek City Council, POS. 2.

Sean Paddock, Mill Creek

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