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Seattle Humane to take 18 additional dogs following Hurricane Harvey

Two volunteer drivers and 18 dogs start their journey from Texas to Seattle Humane. Image courtesy of Seattle Humane.
Two volunteer drivers and 18 dogs start their journey from Texas to Seattle Humane. Image courtesy of Seattle Humane.

From a Seattle Humane News Release.

Texas police officers volunteer to drive 18 dogs to Seattle to relieve overcrowding

Seattle Humane is taking in another 18 dogs from Texas where shelters remain desperate to relieve overcrowding following Hurricane Harvey. They will arrive either late Saturday night, October 14th, or early Sunday morning, October 15th, 2017.

This is Seattle Humane's fourth Texas transfer in an effort to open up space and resources in shelters following the storm.

The dogs are being transported from Bayou Animal Services, a shelter outside of Houston and one of the only organizations to remain open in the storm.

Bayou Animal Services reports that disaster aid to their region has been minimal since the hurricanes struck Puerto Rico.

Seattle Humane offered to help when they received word that no other organizations in the southern region had the capacity to take in more animals.

Two Texas police officers have volunteered to drive a rental van with 18 dogs to Seattle. They began their journey across five states Thursday evening, stopping every five hours to let the dogs stretch their legs.

They are expected to arrive at the Bellevue shelter late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, where Seattle Humane staff and volunteers will be working around the clock to receive the animals and make them available for adoption following medical examinations and behavior assessments.

For up to date tracking of their arrival please contact Seattle Humane Intake Manager Jessica Charlton at 561-313-9508.

Seattle Humane's Life-Saver Rescue team is still bringing in dozens of pets weekly from overcrowded Washington shelters where they've run out of space or resources including Puyallup, Olympia, Yakima, and Grant County.

This transfer has been made possible by K-9Kare, a rescue group that rented the van, and contributions to Seattle Humane's Disaster Fund.

The volunteer drivers will be hosted at the pet-friendly Hotel 5 in Seattle, courtesy of StayPineapple, before they return to Texas.

Monetary donations to support the effort can be made through the Seattle Humane Disaster Fund.