Stephanie Vignal appointed to Mill Creek City Council

On Tuesday, February 5, 2019, the Mill Creek City Council appointed Stephanie Vignal to the council seat recently vacated by Jared Mead. She is a four-year resident of Mill Creek who served on the city's Park and Recreation Board.
Mill Creek Councilmember Stephanie Vignal. Photo courtesy of City of Mill Creek.

From a City of Mill Creek news release.

The Mill Creek City Council appointed Stephanie Vignal to fill the vacant council seat at its February 5, 2019, meeting. The appointment is for approximately a nine-month term, lasting through certification of the general election in 2019.

“When moving from the East Coast, we picked Mill Creek out of every other city in the United States,” said Vignal.

She went on to say, “Mill Creek nurtures a sense of community and family involvement, and I am honored to be a part of helping to maintain what makes it unique while tackling critical community issues.”

Vignal is a four-year resident of Mill Creek. Since moving to Mill Creek with her family, she has been civically engaged, including serving on the Park and Recreation Board. She is passionate about helping the city develop economic prosperity while careful balancing it with long-term planning that underscores a livable community.

She holds a degree in business administration from Gardner-Webb University and previously served as a property manager.

Vignal will hold the council seat until results of the next election are certified in November 2019.

Seven individuals submitted applications for appointment to the council seat vacated by Jared Mead, who was elected to the Washington State Legislature.


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