Terry Ryan announces his resignation from the Mill Creek City Council

Terry Ryan announces his resignation from the Mill Creek City Council.
Ryan resigns from City Council

At the September 4th City Council meeting, Councilmember Terry Ryan announced that he would resign from the Mill Creek City Council at 5:00 PM on September 11th. Ryan said that he was no longer able to juggle his full-time commercial real estate broker job at Kidder Mathews, his part-time job as a soccer coach at Mercer Island High School, his part-time Mill Creek City Council job, and his family commitments. “I am good at keeping a lot of balls in the air, but I just can’t balance everything,” he said.

Ryan has been a Mill Creek City Councilmember for seventeen years. During his long tenure he served as the council-elected Mayor for four terms.

Ryan said that he would continue to serve on the board of directors for the Workforce Development Council of Snohomish County and other endeavors. He is now serving as Co-Chair of Snohomish County Tomorrow, a public inter-jurisdictional forum establishing a countywide framework from which the county and member city's comprehensive plans are developed.

Washington State law says the Mill Creek City Council has the authority to appoint Ryan’s replacement to serve the rest of his term within 90 days of Ryan’s resignation. Mill Creek’s current procedure requires the appointment of Ryan’s replacement within 30 days of his resignation.

Ryan’s resignation comes at a very busy time for the Mill Creek City Council. In the next few months they are hiring a new City Manger, dealing with a significant budget deficit, and negotiating with potential East Gateway Urban Village developers. Appointing Ryan’s replacement may require scheduling additional City Council meetings so that all City business is accomplished.

The Mill Creek City Council may change their procedure to give them additional time to accomplish their tasks and to give potential councilmembers more time to apply for the open position.

The Mill Creek City Council will finalize the appointment process and timeline at the September 11th City Council meeting.



Terrible timing

With all due respect, it seems this is really bad timing. The City Council is making some very important decisions in the next few months.

Couldn't Ryan have figured this out when he took on the new coaching job so that a new councilmember would have time to get up to speed?

Good timing depending on how you look at..

Terry Ryan missed several meetings throughout the year and often missed meetings that held high importance. Last budget cycle Ryan missed several meetings and often came to following meetings uninformed and wasted time trying to figure out what happened on the past meetings he had missed.

He could not make a decision and only had his political agenda in mind.

Lets hope he gets replaced by someone who is willing to make decisions and is not afraid of having to spend a little of money out of the general reserve fund to keep our city growing.

Ryan deserves thanks for his service

Terry Ryan's tenure on the Mill Creek City Council has not been without controversy, but he has contributed a lot of time and effort to the City over the past seventeen years.

Whatever your political point of view, he deserves credit for stepping up and much thanks for his service.

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