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John Steckler’s service on the Mill Creek City Council is a natural progression of his commitment to the Mill Creek community, having volunteered in this community for 20+ years. His dedication to the community is not for show, but a part of who the Stecklers are and how John and his wife, Lisa, have raised their two boys in this community. 

As a current member of the Mill Creek City Council, John uses his business acumen to carefully study all sides of issues before voting, always looking for what is best for the city not just in the moment, but in the long term. John Steckler understands the inevitable growth of the county, and believes we should shape its impact on our city, rather than suffer the consequences of ignoring what is to come. He understands that without legal ground to vote against proposals before the council, costly legal challenges are a waste of tax payer dollars, and that city growth must be advantageous to the tax base rather than a drain on resources. John listens to frontline city employees for their input on city issues.

John believes the city should support all of its citizens, not just some of them.  He supports Mill Creek’s commitment to sports.  However, he feels developing a place for the Arts to co-exist with sports would provide an unmet need for our schools to have a true performance space.  This would support students and families in the arts and bring in cultural events that would provide greater revenue to the city, through rental fees and restaurant patrons, than youth sports tournaments could ever bring in. 

John is an independent voice on the council who believes a council member’s job is to serve as a representative of and steward for the citizens of Mill Creek, not as a puppet of others.  Vote by November 5th to retain John Steckler on Mill Creek City Council.

Lisa Emerling and Patrick Arpin
Mill Creek


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