Everett School District

Jackson High School’s Leah Shin is one of Washington’s top youth volunteers

Lea Shin received one of the two 2015 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards in Washington State.

When told she was one of just two students in Washington to win the 2015 Prudential Spirit of Community Award all Shin could think of was others, “… the immense support I received from my family, the Literacy for Love team, Henry M. Jackson High School, the University of Washington Foster School of Business: Young Executives of Color Program, and most importantly the entire Mill Creek/Bothell community.”

Forest View Elementary School students help Ugandan students in personal way

Boxes of Uganda school supplies at Forest View Elementary School

Local students collect supplies, send pictures and get to “see” who they have helped.

On the day before Thanksgiving, Forest View Elementary School students watched school supplies they collected and packed being loaded onto trucks – starting the first leg of a trip to students in Uganda.